Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stella Hollywood

To whom this may concern:
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My name is- There is no way I'm telling you my real name, So you can just call me Stella Hollywood. I go to a local high school and have local Problems. I live in a fairly big city which i moved to two years ago. I come from a very small town of approximately 5000 people. Of course in the summer, especially on weekends, jumped to about 9000 because of a local theme park. More on that later.
So on to the real story.
Have you ever liked someone you was off limits? Well of course you have, there is nothing more exciting than liking something you cant have. Well mine beats them all. You can't like a guy whose already been "claimed." Okay, so a guy cant technically be claimed unless you are going out but still, there is a little thing called girl code. If you break it, your life will become a living hell. You do not want to get in a cat fight. Girls fight way harder and more cruel than guys do. With guys you punch them in the face and they get over it. End of story. But girls, its another story.
Katherine and I became friends during track season. We hit it off right away. things were going great between us, until she told who she liked. James. Now I had liked James since second quarter, so like 6 months. I had no idea what to tell her so i told her i would help her win him over. Big mistake. Now of course i love katherine and we are still great friends but it is extremely hard listening to her go on about how hot he is or how cute or funny. blah. I already knew that stuff. I didn't need some girl telling me all this. But she still was my friend and i truly wanted her to succeed. But i knew James would never fall for her. He wasn't into a physical relationship like Katherine would have wanted, but more of an emotional one. So for practically the last quarter I helped Katherine try to win over James.
Now, I know what your thinking," Oh, i bet she back stabbed her!" but in truth i didn't. I wouldn't do that to a friend. And plus I cared for James, if he wanted her then he could have her. But as he pointed out many times, he wasn't interested. I was so relieved to hear that. maybe after all those months of waiting he would finally come around to me! No such luck.
At the end of the year dance, while katherine was doing all these pole dancing moves to get his attention, I was hoping that he would ask me to dance. But even if he did i couldn't say yes. Katherine already had claim on him, and until she said i don't like him anymore, i was helpless.
So there is my tragic love story. Ha. I tell you about me and james another time. It deserves it.
So long for now,
Stella Hollywood